Why Do People Bad Mouth Good Office Chairs?

I spend a good deal of time surfing the web reading topics related to office chairs and I am frequently surprised at the vitriolic comments about certain products, particularly good quality ones.

No doubt some of these views are justified but I suspect that a lot of them are not and this is a real shame, as it could put someone off considering an excellent chair due to the prejudice or ignorance of others.

So, why does this happen? There seems to be 3 main reasons.

1. Not trained in how to use the chair

This is probably the biggest reason and perhaps isn't all that surprising given that few companies seem to take the trouble to show their people how to adjust their chair correctly.

I recently saw a comment by someone who said that their chair was very stiff and was constantly trying to catapult them out of the seat.

This was clearly a case of poor adjustment and not knowing how to adjust it, as the chair in question has excellent tension adjustment to cater for virtually any size or weight of user.

2. Don't like the chair's appearance

This is quite a common reason, the image of the chair in the user's mind didn't match their reality, the color was wrong, the back wasn't high enough etc.

This can also often happen when the user didn't have any say in the chair's selection, purchasing went ahead and got them a new one.

3. Chair has an unusual feature

Often a chair will have an unusual feature that the user takes an instant dislike to, sometimes it's justified, other times it's not.

A good example of this is the Aeron pellicle upholstery, which probably gets more bad comments than anything I've seen. Nonetheless, it also gets a lot of praise, so it really is down to personal preference.

So, if you are considering buying a particular model of chair and come across a negative comment, don't let that one comment put you off. Look around for other opinions, ask questions in forums, check reviews on epinions.com and try and get a more balanced opinion.

You can always ask for my help by firing me a question through the contact us form and I'll give you my thoughts on your concerns.


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