Why Are Some People Always In Such A Rush To Buy An Office Chair?

You're watching a movie, there’s a bank heist going on. The guy in the getaway car is sitting there, engine running, fingers drumming on the steering wheel. His eyes are twitching nervously, sweat slowly trickling down his neck and he’s thinking – “Come on guys, let’s get outta here!”

And soon out come the villains, running with the bags of cash they dump them in the trunk and wheels spinning they make their getaway…

The way some people buy an office chair has a lot of similarities, no of course they don't steal one, and yet they seem to want to get the transaction done as quickly as possible.

And they actually end up robbing themselves in the process.

Why is this?
Probably the biggest single reason is they just don't see it as important, after all it’s only an office chair they’re all pretty similar aren't they? Er no.

They figure they’ll just call in at the discount office supplies place, they’ve always got some deals going down on chairs, I'll grab me a bargain.

So in they go, sit in a couple of demo models for 30 seconds, pull some levers and turn a few knobs. A snap decision is made and away they go feeling relieved they got it sorted without any hassle and pleased with the $79 price tag.

Reality is the hassle comes later, in about a week’s time. Let’s come back to that later.

What pressures people into this way of picking an office chair?
Very often it comes about as the result of sitting in a totally worn out desk chair. They’ve been putting off forever replacing it because it still works, even though it’s as uncomfortable as hell.

But then it finally gives up the ghost, maybe an arm falls off, or the seat keeps sinking, or a wheel breaks off – whatever, now they have to sort it out and quick.

That’s when they make the rushed trip to get a replacement and very likely buy more of the same.

Why is this the wrong approach?
If you spend all day sitting in a desk chair then going out and simply buying the cheapest chair you can lay your hands on is definitely the wrong approach, here's why.

Working long hours in a low quality office chair is just another form of torture. These products are made to meet a price and the manufacturer will cut any corners they can to get there. Especially on the parts you don't see like the foam padding and the chair’s internal workings and fixings.

When you weigh up how long you sit each day it may even match or exceed the time you spend in your bed. Surely, you wouldn’t buy a bed in this way? Why is it any different with a chair?

Getting it right
When you need to replace your chair you should set aside time to research what you need. There are certain key functions you need and typically you will find less than half of them on sub $100 chairs.

Think about how much more productive you would be if you weren't constantly uncomfortable because what you are sitting in isn't fit for the purpose.

Recognize that you will need to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get the right answer.

And never make a decision after sitting for a couple of minutes in a chair. Why? Because it’s bound to feel great if your existing chair is worn out.

To properly assess a chair you need to sit in it for at least a few days to a week, before any shortcomings become apparent. So make sure whether you are buying offline or online there is a decent return period in case you need to return it, say 30 days.

Here's a quick summary of some quality ergonomic office chairs you might want to check out, if you are thinking of getting a new one.


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