Who Knew Sitting In An Office Chair All Day Could Be So Exhausting?

In a recent Tweet on Twitter by @AdamBarkerAuthor he posed the subject of this Blog by asking – Who knew sitting in an office chair all day could be so exhausting?

And it struck me how true this is for so many people who spend long hours everyday in an office chair. And yet at the same time it goes against conventional wisdom because when we feel tired and exhausted often our only wish is to sit down to rest and relax.

So How Can Sitting Cause Exhaustion?

There are a number of reasons why we can feel exhausted after sitting all day in our computer chair, so let’s examine them.

Lack of movement is a major culprit. It’s really easy to become engrossed in what you're doing. What happens is we end up in the same position for extended periods and that's not good because the human body wasn’t designed to operate in this way.

Working too long without a break is another exhausting and damaging habit. Maybe you have a tight deadline to meet and so you push yourself too hard and finish up becoming tired out because you didn’t pace yourself.

Sitting in a poor posture all day is a surefire way to wear yourself out. Often we know we are sitting poorly and still we don’t take steps to correct things and those poor aching muscles and limbs end up fatigued craving rejuvenation.

Lack of comfort caused by a poor chair can be particularly strenuous for our bodies. As the day goes on we end up becoming worn out by the constant absence of being able to get comfortable.

How Can We Combat Sitting Exhaustion?

Movement and variation of your sitting position is a great way of keeping the body toned and alert. In fact many better quality chair manufacturers such as HÅG design their chairs to encourage natural movement. So as you move the chair goes with you and provides comfortable support throughout the day.

Getting out of your chair regularly during the day helps a lot to combat sitting fatigue. Changing posture is a great boost for the body’s muscles and helps take the strain off overworked areas and gets blood pumping back to recharge them.

Doing exercises at regular intervals during the workday will further help to keep your body toned and mind alert. These needn’t be anything complicated even simple stretches and neck and shoulder routines are quick and easy to do. And it you don’t have the best of chairs you will find these simple exercises will certainly help reduce tiredness and discomfort.

Finally, let’s summarize the causes of sitting exhaustion and how best to fight it.

Causes Of Exhaustion

  • Minimal movement while sitting and working
  • Working too long without taking a break
  • Sitting in a poor posture
  • Lack of comfort due to a poor chair

Fighting Exhaustion

  • Moving and varying position while working
  • Getting up out of your chair frequently
  • Performing simple exercises in the office

And if your chair is worn out, here’s where you can find a quick summary of some quality office chairs that will help reduce sitting exhaustion.


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3 Responses to “Who Knew Sitting In An Office Chair All Day Could Be So Exhausting?”

  1. Duncan

    The point you make breaks is valid not just for the inactivity – but also most people who work at a desk these days work at a computer and you should factor in a 10-15 minute break away from your computer.

    Taking a break like that – especially if you force yourself to get up and do something – will not only give you a break from the computer screen, but also allow you do to some movement.

  2. […] Back Aches and Pain. One of the hardest hit parts of the body when you’re sitting all day is the lower back. It is under a large amount of pressure and can begin to ache while at work and for hours afterward. While stretching, working out the muscles and moving around can all help, many sitting all day just don’t realize how much they’re hurting their backs and could face long term problems trying to get them back into shape. […]

  3. its important to have take some break from your computer to get freshness..
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