What Makes HAG Seating Unique? It’s All About Dynamic Ergonomy

You would think that remaining comfortable when riding a horse for hours would be difficult. Sitting in the same position for long periods at a time usually causes discomfort. So how come it doesn't cause horse riders a problem? After all if they are stuck in the saddle for hours it's only natural to think it would soon become very uncomfortable.

In reality when you ride a horse the whole of your body is kept moving. The stirrups help the legs to keep moving and the motion of riding keeps muscles on the move, even at walking pace.

HÅG understands why riding a horse for hours without discomfort is possible. It's all about movement.

What is Dynamic Ergonomy?
HÅG's thoughts on ergonomic seating are summed up in what it calls dynamic ergonomy. Key to this is the principal that the next sitting position is always the best. In other words if you want to remain comfortably seated for long periods of time then you need to keep moving. We're not talking huge changes in position more a case of lots of subtle small movements.

It designs all of its chairs to encourage continual movement or what it calls dynamic sitting. This all begins with moving in perfect balance and all its chairs have Balanced Movement Mechanisms™ with easy to adjust settings. Users simply need to adjust the chair to their personal body weight. Once set the chair then naturally follows your moves and supports your whole body as you lean forwards, backwards or side to side.

Why whole body movement matters
Nearly all office chairs will allow you to easily move your upper body. However what makes a HÅG chair different is its ability to keep the lower body, legs and feet active too. When you've spent the whole day sitting it's often your lower body that complains the loudest. This is largely due to most chairs not being designed to keep your legs and feet active.

By observing how people ride horses HÅG realized how important the stirrups are in keeping movement in the feet and legs. And don't worry you don't need to know how to ride a horse to use one of its chairs! However by some simple tweaks in design when you lean back the front edge of the seat tilts backwards and downwards when you lean forwards. This stimulates movement in your ankles which then activates the circulation system in the lower legs.

Once this kicks in it promotes circulation through the rest of your body. By keeping the circulatory system active this enhances energy levels and helps keep you more engaged with your work.

It is these subtle design features in the balanced mechanisms in HÅG chairs that make sitting in one of its chairs a unique experience.

Designing chairs with the user in mind
As we've already seen HÅG designs its chairs very much with the user in mind. You might think that this would mean its chairs were ugly or basic in appearance. Far from it, once it has incorporated the vital functions into one of its chairs HÅG goes to great lengths to make sure the design looks highly attractive.

There is something about its chairs that sets them apart and gives them the unique HÅG look and appeal. You won't find it taking an existing product and just reworking it. It takes the design element very seriously employing world renown designers to create seats that look great visually. And it doesn't end there the chairs give great full body support and are always easy to use. Some of its models even adjust automatically.

All this hasn't gone unnoticed by the design community. Over the past 5 years it has won several design excellence awards for chairs like its Futu and H09 models.

HÅG's pays attention to detail to make sure everything works as it should. It spent 7 years developing its Futu chair until it got things absolutely right.

Let's quickly list the key points we've covered here:

  • HÅG understands the importance of movement and variation for comfortable sitting
  • Its chairs make it easy to sit for long periods and still maintain good energy and concentration levels
  • HÅG chairs are healthy chairs to sit in
  • Each product is a unique design where user comfort is everything.
  • HÅG has won multiple industry awards for its seating products

Further reading
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  1. HAG also knows how to capitalize on its unique visual design with a funny video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic3mRJCSWEM

    Makes you want to dance!


  2. Thanks for there video link Daisy, this guy could be an olympic chair racer.

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