Varier Announces The Addition Of A Padded Backrest For Its Balans Kneeling Chair

back pad

Balans Chair With Padded Back

Varier's famous Balans kneeling chair has been available for some time with a sculptured wood backrest option. In normal use there isn't a need for a back support when working in the seat.

However where it very handy is it allows users to lean back and relax when taking a break from working.

The slender shaped wood rest gives great support to the spine. Now to make it more comfortable a padded upholstered cushion has been added providing a softer support when reclining.

And the good news is that it is possible to fit it to an existing Balans wood backrest. This is possible because it comes made up as a sleeve which can be conveniently slid over the backrest.

The backrest pad will be available early March and will cost $85.

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