Are You Undoing The Benefits Of Your Ergonomic Office Work Chair Every Night At Home?

If you are fortunate enough to have a good ergonomic office chair at work this is obviously great as you are likely able to work long hours in comfort.

And yet, when you get home are you perhaps undoing all that good, through unhealthy sitting?

How sitting at home can be unhealthy
Sitting at home can quickly undo the benefits of healthy sitting at work. The chief culprit is your sofa because it just isn't designed to support you properly.

Sofas and easy seats tend to be spongy and lacking in structure and as a consequence you end up sitting with a rounded back. This is not a healthy posture because it opens up the spine’s disks in an unsupportive and unhealthy way.

So sitting like this for a couple of hours watching a movie, rapidly undoes all the benefits you gained from that healthy task chair at work.

What’s the best way to counter this problem?


Varier Balans Kneeling Chair

What you really need to do is make sure you continue to sit healthily at home too. OK, you don't want to sit in an office chair to watch movies, even though a good one would help your body if you did.

This is where a kneeling chair can provide an excellent alternative to your easy seating.

It promotes a much healthier way of sitting and once you get used to it you will find you can sit in it for long periods safely and comfortably supported. Not only that, it’s very easy to vary your sitting position by moving your legs and feet into new postures.

All this helps keep muscles on the move, blood circulating and instills a feeling of being generally more alert.

The other great thing with some kneeling chairs like for instance the Varier Balans, is they are light and portable so it’s extremely easy to move it from room to room. You can use it sit and eat your evening meal then pick it up and use it watch TV or maybe check emails and FaceBook.

Kneeling chairs make excellent healthy home chairs, here's a quick summary of some of the most popular knee chairs.

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One Response to “Are You Undoing The Benefits Of Your Ergonomic Office Work Chair Every Night At Home?”

  1. Hi,
    I agree with your comments. At work I’m using a knee chair which has to be the best chair for back pain.

    However at home, I struggle with sitting on the sofa due to the soft surface. I find sitting on a knee chair at home watching a film isn’t very comfortable and puts pressure on my lower back.

    I therefore have a hard office seat that I tend to use.

    One option for sofas is to place a hard board underneath if you can, this can also help the lower back.

    Hope that helps!

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