Sloppy Habits Working On A Laptop Can Result In Back Pain And Posture Issues

Laptops have been a great boon to working virtually anywhere, their portability means they can be fired up and used pretty much wherever you are and whenever you want.

However, this added flexibility comes at a cost as they aren't ideal for healthy working. They let us get lazy in our working comfort and unwittingly encourage a number of bad habits which if left unchecked will result in back and neck pain and discomfort frequently leading to long term health implications.

You see people working badly at their laptop, resting it on their knees in crowded waiting areas, hunched over them on the daily commute by train, and in the house slumped on a sofa with their backs rounded and necks craning forward.

Sometimes it just isn't practical to work in ideal conditions on a laptop, nonetheless a lot of the time it is. Wherever possible they should be used on a flat work surface like a desk, table or worktop with a good quality chair.

Even then because of their small size the screen display can be hard to set at the right height and the simple solution is to use a laptop holder. These devices allow your portable PC to be set at the right height and angle for optimal working.

Depending on how it is designed it may be necessary to use an external keyboard where the holder obscures laptop's built in keyboard.

There are many different designs of laptop holder and this article discusses some of the more popular models of these laptop accessories to help you work more comfortably.

And if you're looking for the ultimate seating solution for wireless working this chair is perfect with or without a desk.

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