Branded Office Chairs Part 2: Steelcase Top 3 – Leap, Think And Amia

In this week's post it's time to look at 3 of the most popular office chairs from Steelcase. And we're going to examine its Leap, Think and Amia chairs, let's get started with the Leap.

Leap chair
The Leap is the most established of the chairs in this comparison and was introduced in 2000. It's proved to be a very popular chair with the watchword definitely on comfort and performance.

Leap chair

Leap Chair In Orange Fabric

Steelcase tends to spend a lot of time and research on new products and the Leap is no exception as it took some 4 years to develop.

It was also the subject of extensive independent testing which showed an actual increase in user productivity of 17.8% from 200 participants that took part in a year long study.

Here are some of the useful functions on the Leap. The chair back is pressure adjustable independently at the top and the bottom. This means is works better for your overall back support.

Another neat feature is the way that the back reclines. When you lean back it lets you keep in eye contact with your work. Most chairs tend to push your whole body upwards forcing you to break the connection with your work.

And if you like a well padded seat you'll find the Leap comfortable to use.

Next, lets move on to the Think chair.

Think chair
The Think chair was launched in 2004 and in many respects is a departure from traditional office chair construction.

Think Chair

Think Chair Open Back In Blue

It's back has a series of steel wire flexors running from side to side known as Your Profile™ and these react to the user's sitting position. So as you apply pressure the flexors move in and out to support you. The back is then finished in either an open mesh fabric or a more conventional upholstery with padding.

The seat also uses flexor supports which are hidden by the chair's upholstery. With the Think it's very easy to adjust to how you like to work via a 4 position weight activation control. This allows you to vary the chair's pressure and movement to suit your needs. And if you want to work in a fixed position at any time you can lock it in an upright position.

It has a sliding seat so you can set the seat depth to match your leg length. Also the front of the seat has a flexible surface so you don't find any hard edges digging into your thighs. Overall the Think offers good comfort and the fully upholstered back is the best choice if you prefer a padded backrest.

Its an eco friendly product and 99% of the components are recyclable.

Finally, let's take a look at Steelcase's more recent introduction, the Amia.

Amia chair
Steelcase's Amia is its most recent new model first appearing in 2007.

Amia Chair

Amia Chair In Light Grey Fabric

It follows the trend of more recent products with the emphasis on ease of use and comfort. Not only that, by standardizing on certain components like one size of chair back costs have been kept down resulting in it being 36% cheaper than the Leap chair.

Although it is constructed more like a conventional office chair it has some nice design touches.

The tension adjuster controlling the amount of pressure needed when reclining is conveniently accessed on the right side of the chair. This is much better than the more common control found under the middle of the chair which can be fiddly to adjust.

The front edge of the seat has a passive support which flexes downwards as you sit so the seat edge doesn't dig into your legs.

It also has a concealed lumbar support within the back which can be easily slid up and down to fine tune back support.

Let's sum up the key points on these 3 Steelcase chairs:

  • Independent tests show that the Leap increased productivity by 17.8%
  • Leap reclines in such a way that your eyes remain focussed on your work
  • Think's flexor supports move as you move to support you
  • Adjusting the Think is quick and easy through the weight activation control
  • Amia's adjusters are simple to use and conveniently located.
  • Amia price works out at 36% less than the Leap

Further information
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