More Thoughts On Selecting The Correct Sized Office Chair

In my last post I began by looking at whether your office chair is the right size for you pointing out the majority of office chairs are made for people of average height as well as how the size of seat may be less than ideal for you.

Let's continue with some other important things to consider.

Does the seat height adjustment suit your height? Here's a quick rule of thumb, stand without shoes on and measure from the floor to your knee joint at the back of your leg. Make sure that your chair's seat height is able to adjust to this length as it will be pretty close to what you need. When correctly seated your feet should be squarely on the floor.

Next, is your chair's seat depth right for you? When sitting there should be a gap of about 3 to 4 inches between the front edge of the chair seat and the back of your legs. As a quick check, can you place your clenched fist between the chair edge and your legs?

When there is little or no gap or conversely your legs overhang far more, then you'll be unlikely to get comfortable in the chair. If your chair has seat depth adjustment adjust it to suit your needs, unfortunately far too few chairs include this function and so you may not be able to make the required adjustment.

Finally can you adjust your seat's back height so that it gives comfortable support to your back, particularly your lower back? If not you're going to struggle to find lasting comfort in your chair.

You can find further details on how to correctly adjust your office chair in this article.

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