Should I Get An Office Chair Mat?

It isn't normally necessary to use a chair mat with an office chair when it's being used on good quality carpeting, although they can be useful when the casters don't roll easily because of the carpet pile. For other floor coverings, there are some situations where using a chair mat may be advisable.

First, if you are using your chair on a delicate surface like a hardwood floor, or maybe a marble, stone or possibly an old pine boarded floor. These surfaces can easily get damaged or marked by the casters on an office chair and so most quality chair manufacturers produce casters specifically for use in these situations.

Even these can mark and wear delicate floor finishes, so for these sorts of situations a chair mat can prove an ideal solution.

Chair mats come in different materials and the most common is clear plastic however these vary considerably in quality and it's best to avoid the really cheap ones as they soon curl up and split and develop undulations. Better quality ones are a good thickness and keep their shape.

There are some really nice quality hardwood finish mats and these are usually very good quality and will last for many years.

You can find more about chair mats in the chair accessories section of the website


Are Your Office Chair Casters Giving You The Run Around?

If you are using your office chair on a smooth or hard surface like lino, hardwood or ceramic tiles you may be finding that you can't control your chair properly and it seems to want to roll too freely.

It's likely that your chair has got casters that are intended for use on carpets and so is moving much too freely on your smooth, friction free floor.

What you need is to replace the existing wheels with a set of hard floor casters, they're typically rubber faced and so grip on smooth floors better.

You should contact your chair's supplier and see if they stock the right casters, alternatively, you'll find that you can probably get suitable casters from this online specialist.


How Do I Put An Office Chair Together?

If you've bought an office chair from an online retailer chances are that it will be unassembled to make shipping easier.

Having said that, better quality chairs are usually shipped ready built.

In case you do need to assemble your chair, what will be involved?

Begin by checking to see if there are any assembly instructions included, if not visit the supplier's website or ring customer service.

If you still have no luck, don't worry it's generally pretty simple.

Usually, the 5 star base needs to be connected to the gas lift post and that in turn connects to the underside of the chair seat.

You will normally find that the pneumatic lift post has tapered ends. The wide end goes in the 5 star base and narrow end in the chair seat bottom.

They are usually push fit components, so once located just press down firmly on the seat with your knee, or sit in the seat heavily to force them together.

Chairs that come with arms may need to be fitted and as a rule are held on with bolts or large screws. Make sure you do them up tightly with the correct tool.

The last job is to fit the office chair casters to the base. Generally, they just press into holes in the chair's base, push them firmly to make sure they are properly located.


Selecting Office Chair Casters For Hard Floors

It's important that you select the right type of office chair caster for your seat.

As standard, office chairs come fitted with casters for use on carpeted floors and they are generally hard nylon.

For hardwood floors you will need a different type of caster and these are usually soft rubber or polypropylene.

For better quality chairs you can usually specify them when ordering. With an existing office chair try contacting the supplier to see what they recommend, alternatively this site has 13 different types of office chair caster and can probably help.

If all else fails you may need to purchase a chair mat to place under your desk, the cheap clear plastic ones aren't very good and tend to bubble up with use.

Snapmat offer an excellent range of quality chair mats, they aren't cheap though but they'll last for years.

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