Branded Office Chairs Part 4: HÅG Top 3 – H04 Credo, H05 and Futu

Welcome to the fourth in our series on branded office chairs and this week we are taking a look at one of the most respected names in office seating HÅG of Norway. HÅG has been producing quality seating for decades and although a major player in Europe isn't as well known in the US.

HÅG has a deep understanding of what's needed in an office chair. All of its chairs encourage movement as you work to keep those muscles active. It also invented the sliding seat mechanism as long ago as 1976 allowing users to set their seat depth to suit their leg length. This vital function is still not fitted to the majority of office chairs.

Let's begin by taking a look at the H04 Credo model.

H04 Credo chair
HÅG's Credo H04 chair was launched in 1992 to update its Credo range.

HÅG H04 chair

HÅG H04 In Blue

Like many of its chairs it's designed to keep the user moving while you work. Designer Peter Opsvik's believes in dynamic movement and encourages people to use their feet when making movements and not just rely on the upper body.

Like many other chairs it has a tilt tension adjustment so you can set it up for your own body weight. However it's different to other tension adjusters which just operate through an adjustable spring.

With the H04 tension adjuster when correctly set it requires no effort from the user as the body is placed in total balance with the chair. Consequently as you change position the chair naturally follows and supports you every move.

Next it's time to move on to the H05

H05 chair
The H05 first appeared in 2000 and builds on the success of the H04 Credo.

H05 chair

H05 Chair In Grey

It retains the principles of dynamic movement and so moves and supports you as you change positions during the working day.

The controls have been simplified and one wheel adjuster is used to adjust the seat depth, back height and tilting resistance. However some simple overrides have been added to the H05 to make it more customizable in use. This allows users to fine tune the tilting pressure if desired by a simple switch arrangement.

It is also offered with adjustable swing back arms. As well as being height and width adjustable the arms can quickly be pushed right out of the way to the rear of the chair. Useful when you want them out of the way for close up work.

Finally, let's turn to the Futu.

Futu chair
Futu first appeared in 2009 and came from some 7 years of development.

Futu Chair In Beige

Futu Chair In Beige

HÅG has continued with its theme of simplification and has managed to reduce the number of materials used in its manufacture to just seven. This makes the Futu its most eco friendly chair yet with over 50% of the materials coming from recycled content as well as being 97% recyclable.

One of the biggest changes with this chair is its new mechanism called inBalance. As can be seen from the name it keeps the user moving in prefect balance with the chair.

The mechanism is able to sense the user's weight and movements and automatically adjusts to give safe support. And for those that like to fine tune settings it has a slide control under the seat to allow this.

Its FutuKnit fabric is precisely shaped and fitted on both the back and seat. This 3D fabric self adjusts to the user's body and is very comfortable in use as there are no foams or seams.


  • H04 Credo moves as you move in it
  • H04 Credo tilt tension lets you achieve perfect balance in the chair
  • H05 has simplified controls for easier adjustment
  • H05 swing back arms are great when you need them out of the way
  • Futu adjusts automatically and yet still has overrides for fine tuning
  • FutuKnit fabric offers great support and comfort

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New Review Of HÅG H05 Office Chair Range Added

I've just added a review of the HÅG H05 range to the reviews section.

I first sat in an H05 13 years ago, it tends to get overlooked yet it's still a great office chair and has more than stood the test of time.

It's very easy to adjust there is only 1 knob and 1 lever and it will fit you whether your small or tall built. Here's where you can find the review.

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