How Do You Know You Are Sitting Unhealthily In Your Desk Chair? The ErgoSensor Detector

ErgoSensor Technology by Philips

Most people probably begin the day by sitting properly in their desk chair. However what happens is that as the day progresses and we get wrapped up in our work we let things slip.

Gradually we start to slump in our chair and before long our posture suffers as a result.

After doing this for a few hours our bodies get fed up and start protesting by sending signals in the form of pain.

Wouldn't it be great if instead of letting things go badly downhill we could instead receive gentle reminders that we need to sit more healthily?

Well Philips recently launched monitors with what it calls ErgoSensor technology which it believes will help address the problem.

What is ErgoSensor Technology?
ErgoSensor is an inbuilt piece of technology within the monitor and it's designed to track the following:

  • How long you have been in front of your screen, advising when to take a break
  • The position of your head and neck angle, picking up on when you start slouching
  • Sensing that you are the correct distance from your screen to avoid eye strain and slouching
  • Saving 80% of the power the monitor consumes when you're away from your desk

Another useful function for certain users is its SmartErgoBase. Unlike most monitors this allows users to set the bottom of the screen almost level with your desk top.

This will be useful for people who wear bifocals and other forms of progressive lenses. It could also be handy for short built people.

Further details
Here's a video explaining more about Philips' new ErgoSensor technology as well as further technical information.

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