Steelcase Amia Office Chair Summer Sale: Extra $100 Off Until 28 August 2011

amia chair

Steelcase Amia Chair

What is on offer?
Steelcase is running a summer sale special with an extra $100 off all its Amia office chair options. So no matter whether you go for the entry level model or a top range leather version it’s a great opportunity to grab an outstanding price on this quality ergonomic office chair.

How long does the offer last?
The summer sale started on Monday 15 August and runs until Sunday 28 August 2011, so as of today that leaves just 11 days to take advantage of this special pricing.

Where can I find the details?
You can find a detailed review on the Amia chair here, including details of where to buy. And here's a link to a participating Steelcase online store.

So, if you have been thinking about replacing you old chair now is a good time to lock in a great price with a chair like the Amia. It’s a quality built ergonomic office chair with lifetime warranty on structural components, 10 years on mechanism and gas lift and 5 years on upholstery.

Don't leave it too long though because it all finishes on Sunday 28 August.


Padding Doesn’t Make An Office Chair Ergonomic

Remember back in school when you had to write an essay usually it had to be a minimum number of words.

You would sit there thinking how am I going to write that much on this subject? And then after a while you would resort to padding and stuff it full of unnecessarily long sentences and repeat things to get the word count up and make it look good.

Reality was your teacher saw straight through it and you were in trouble for stuffing it full of useless content and told it was all padding.

Guess what a lot of office chairs are just the same, you see them all the time in the discount office supplies stores, great puffed up padded low grade foam and usually with very poor quality leather upholstery. And yet as you try it out sinking into that heap of foam it feels like it's really comfortable.

And for the first 10 or 15 minutes it probably is comfortable, it is only after you have been sitting in it for a couple of hours comes the realization it's not comfortable at all.

Why is this? It's because there is no real structural support it's a bit like sitting on a giant sponge, it just moves to wherever your body weight is forcing it. Before you know it your body has adapted a most unhealthy posture as your lower back rounds like a medicine ball and the discs in your spine start bulging into a really unhealthy shape resulting in back pain.

It only gets worse because in time what generally happens is the low quality foam flattens out with repeated use and your once fluffed up padding becomes more like sitting on a rock.

There is nothing wrong with padding on an office seat as long as it is of good quality and well designed. There is a world of difference between low grade packing type foam rubber and high quality polyurethane foam carefully sculpted to follow body contours and of high density designed to retain its shape for years. This is why companies like Humanscale are able to offer a 15 year warranty on its Freedom chair.

So don't get taken in by a so called ergonomic computer chair with loads of padding as chances are the initial comfort it gives will rapidly disappear.

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