Should I Get An Office Chair Mat?

It isn't normally necessary to use a chair mat with an office chair when it's being used on good quality carpeting, although they can be useful when the casters don't roll easily because of the carpet pile. For other floor coverings, there are some situations where using a chair mat may be advisable.

First, if you are using your chair on a delicate surface like a hardwood floor, or maybe a marble, stone or possibly an old pine boarded floor. These surfaces can easily get damaged or marked by the casters on an office chair and so most quality chair manufacturers produce casters specifically for use in these situations.

Even these can mark and wear delicate floor finishes, so for these sorts of situations a chair mat can prove an ideal solution.

Chair mats come in different materials and the most common is clear plastic however these vary considerably in quality and it's best to avoid the really cheap ones as they soon curl up and split and develop undulations. Better quality ones are a good thickness and keep their shape.

There are some really nice quality hardwood finish mats and these are usually very good quality and will last for many years.

You can find more about chair mats in the chair accessories section of the website


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