Why Programmers And Coders Need A Heavy Duty Office Chair

The nature of programming and coding work often means spending very long hours in an office chair. When you're writing code, accuracy is absolutely vital, nobody wants the hassle of trying to find errors.

So why does what you sit in matter so much?

The right tools for the job
Your chair has to be fit for the purpose. After all you wouldn't set out to climb Everest in a T shirt and trainers. And nor should you be doing intensive computer work in some poorly designed seat.

Maintaining good concentration levels is key to precise coding and so you need something that is so supportive and comfortable you don't even notice it’s there. That way you will be in the zone and fully focused on the task at hand.

This simply isn't possible in low quality seating. It may feel fine for the first hour or so, however as the day wears on and your body starts to ache concentration levels drop. This either results in you slowing down or worse still silly mistakes start creeping in.

Let’s turn to some ideas for potential heavy duty chairs for programming and coding work.

Chairs to have on your shortlist
Here are some ideas for suitable seating for intensive computer work. It’s not exhaustive, however it will give you a good idea of the sort of chair you should be looking at.

Aeron – Herman Miller’s iconic seat and one of the world’s best selling chairs. It has loads of adjustments and its mesh upholstery will keep you cool on hot days. Not so good if you prefer a well padded seat as the mesh is firm.

Leap – this is one of Steelcase’s most comfortable chairs. It’s well padded and is easy to adjust. It’s also great to recline in when you want to pause and reflect because it doesn't tip you up in the air when you lean back.

HÅG H05 – this chair isn't nearly as well known as it should be. Made by HÅG of Norway, it has a great range of movement and self adjusts to user position changes, supporting you as you move.

Embody is one of Herman Miller’s more recent high tech seating additions. It has a unique 4 layer seating support with the top layer being a breathable fabric, great should you sweat a lot.

Humanscale Freedom – largely self adjusting once initial set up is completed. The seat foams are top quality and very comfortable without being bulky. Arm design allows you to drop them out of the way when not in use, so you can get close in to your desk when you need to.

All of these seats are guaranteed for between 10 and 15 years. Yes they cost a lot more than the seats in office supplies stores, nonetheless you only buy them once, so they need to be viewed as an investment. In the long term they will pay for themselves many times over in increased productivity and working comfort.

Want to know more?
Here’s where you can read detailed reviews of the chair discussed in this article:

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2 Responses to “Why Programmers And Coders Need A Heavy Duty Office Chair”

  1. Hi

    What do you think about those recent producers that make chairs somehow similar to those you listed, but are not in any way design icons, surely don’t have same quality materials, but cost a fraction of them ?
    I agree there’s a lot of range in quality/price, but I saw many chairs that for around 300€ at least resemble the shape and posture offered by these 1000€+ models. Besides the obvious “you get what you pay for”, don’t you think there might be some high price tag accompanying the design and study behind the trendsetting models ? I saw this evident in the balans from varier: you can get basically the same chair from copycats for 1/4 of the cost, with basic materials and for less than 1/2 for close enough materials.
    Thanks for your insights

  2. Some of the top seating companies spend millions of dollars developing a completely new chair from scratch. Not surprisingly they look to recoup their initial outlay through the pricing of the chair. Longer term when a chair has been around for many years there probably is a justification for reducing the price. Even so, it rarely happens.

    This video from Steelcase announcing the preview of its new Gesture chair gives you an idea of the degree to which top chair designers go to when developing new products.

    The Varier copycat products just aren’t the same as the real thing. This is particularly evident in the wood frame, the imitations have little or no springing in the timber. Visually they look the same, however if you compared both in use side by side you would soon notice the difference.

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