Muvman The Healthy Alternative Seat For Office Workers

The Muvman seat is totally unlike any conventional office chair, however don’t let its quirky looks put you off.

It’s more than capable of replacing the sorts of chair we’re used to and providing a lot more versatile experience at the same time.

How so?

What is so different about sitting in a Muvman?
Well for a start it has no wheels and you might think this will restrict you.

Muvman in green


In reality because of the way it’s designed it let’s you move with far more flexibility than your average task chair.

Not only can you move forwards and backwards easily, moving from side to side is a breeze too. So, instead of having to wheel to another part of your workstation, all you do is lean and you will get there with ease.

And with all the extra movement you gain you're actually keeping your body much better toned, especially in your leg and back muscles.

This seat has no arms either. This isn't a disadvantage as it lets you get in close to your desk and use your worktop to support your arms.

What else is it good for?
Because the seat can be raised a lot higher than a typical desk chair it’s perfect for working at any raised work surface.

different sitting positions

How Muvman Supports You

The most obvious use is with a height adjustable desk where it’s the perfect choice of seat.

And for anyone who has a standing desk where the height is fixed, being able to take the weight of your legs now and then is a great benefit.

Despite all the publicity about using a standing desk, standing all day to work can get just as tiring as sitting all day. Muvman gives you the best of both worlds.

The go anywhere task chair
You probably spend most of your time working at your desk and Muvman is great for that. However, because it weighs so little (under 20 pounds) and adjusts down to 20 inches it’s very portable.

So, when you need to go and talk to a colleague why not stick it under your arm and use it while you chat? And what about meetings and training sessions? You’ll certainly appreciate its comfort if things drag on as they often do. When you're taking a quick break and want to catch up with your phone messages once again this versatile chair will support as you text.

Home office workers will find loads of extra uses for this seat as well as just in the office. You can use it for watching movies, preparing food or even doing the ironing.

Further information
All in all the Muvman make for an incredibly versatile seat, here’s where you can find out more about this fun alternative seat.

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2 Responses to “Muvman The Healthy Alternative Seat For Office Workers”

  1. hi, Do you have the name of any UK uppliers for the Muvman in this article please? And what’s the manufacturer called please?

  2. UK supplier is Verity Furniture Ltd and the manufacturer is Aeris of Germany.

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