Why A Lousy Office Chair Can Leave You Like A Cooked Frog

It's getting mighty warm around here!

Have you ever heard the theory about the frog in a pan of water where the temperature is gradually and continually increased?

It begins with placing a frog in a pan of cold water and then very gradually increasing the temperature of the water. As the water slowly heats up the frog relaxes and enjoys the feeling.

However, in the end the temperature increases to the point at which the frog slowly cooks, realizing too late that it is in the process of boiling alive.

Whether it's true or not no-one really knows. Spending too long in a lousy office chair is a bit like the frog in the pan, it can end up killing your back. And because it takes years for this to happen it creeps up on us without our ever noticing what's happening to our body. Until it's too late of course.

Why do we ignore the need for a good chair?
When we are in our twenties and thirties it's easy to overlook the quality of the chair we sit in. Often we regard it as somewhere to just park our butt as we get on with our work. And as long as it doesn't fall apart we're happy to continue using it.

It's only when you get older and reach forty and beyond that all those years of sitting in inferior chairs start to take their toll. Aching back, stiff shoulders and neck muscles become more frequent. In the end maybe you decide it's time I changed this chair. And yet what happens is most people go and buy another crappy chair and before they know it end up no better off.

Let's look at what they should be doing.

Why a proper ergonomic office chair makes sense
It's a funny thing with office chairs, if you ask people to spend more than a $100 on one they regard it as a waste of money. When you take into account how long you spend each day in it, you may well find it adds up to more than the time you spend in your bed. And yet would you only spend a mere $100 on your bed? Unlikely.

So what's different about a proper ergonomic chair?

First, it's built from quality components so you won't find screws dropping out, arms working loose or seat pads going hard and brittle.

Second, it will be designed to support your body comfortably and safely. As you move in the chair it moves with you so your body doesn't suffer stresses.

Third, it will adjust to fit your body. Key to this is the ability to be able to adjust the depth of the seat to fit your leg length. Something you just don't see on cheap chairs.

Lastly, it will have a good warranty period at least 5 years and even up to 15 years in some cases. It's the manufacturer's vote of confidence in its product showing they are prepared to stand by the quality and reliability of what they are making.

Sure, you're looking at a fair outlay. A minimum of $300 and maybe double that, still you only need to buy it once. So it's an investment in your body, no more quick fixes that soon put you right back where you started. After all you only get one back, so you need to look after it. Don't run the risk of ending up like our cooked frog.

Further information
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