Looking For A Cheap Office Chair? The Skootch Factor

People often want to know which is the best cheap office chair to buy. And if you spend more than an hour a day in your chair the answer is always the same. There is no best cheap office chair. Period. Hang in there though as there is an affordable workaround. First though let's examine why cheap chairs are such a lousy option.

Why cheap office chairs are a bad idea
Unfortunately office furniture and supplies outlets have done a pretty good job of giving entirely the wrong impression about office chairs. More often than not they are full of sub $100 chairs, which on the face of it look great and are even comfortable when you try them for a couple of minutes. Not surprisingly people come to believe that a $100 will buy you a good desk chair.

It won't, here's why. For a start they lack some vital functions making it impossible to gain proper comfort. And if that isn't bad enough here's the main reason. It's one that you can't see.

The actual workings and structure of an office chair are hidden in its upholstery or under the seat itself. This allows budget chair manufacturers to hide low quality components from the unsuspecting buyer. And after a few months bits start to work loose and the once springy padding goes as flat as a tape worm and it feels like sitting on concrete. Quite often people tough it out for a couple of years and then go out and repeat the process by buying another low quality chair. Surely it's better to buy a good quality chair?

But I can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on an ergonomic office chair
In truth to get a good quality office seat which is going to last you for a number of years you need to lay out at least $350 or more. Of course it's perfectly understandable particularly in these challenging times that many people don't have the funds to invest this sort of money. So, unfortunately due to lack of funds they tend to repeat the cheap chair syndrome all over again ending up in the same frustrating position all too quickly.

A much better idea is to save for a decent replacement each month. You may need to tough it out in discomfort for a little while longer, however in the long run you'll be glad you saved up for the right answer.

With that said there is an affordable solution that will make the wait a lot more comfortable.

Introducing the BackJoy cradle


BackJoy Orthotic Cradle

The BackJoy is a carefully designed sitting cradle shaped a bit like those metal pan seats you used to see on 1940s farm tractors. However that's where the similarity ends. Made from flexible urethane foam its cleverly contoured shape forces you to sit properly on your sitz bones as nature intended.

It's very simple to use. You sit on top of it and use the handle at the front to pull it in snug. Finally you ‘skootch' into position by lifting your weight slightly and slide your buttocks to the rear of the seat. What you will find is that it cradles your pelvis and properly aligns your sitting posture so that your spine is correctly aligned. When you are using the BackJoy you can feel it moving to support you as you move in your chair. It removes the problem of your weight being concentrated on your sacrum and coccyx which causes your back to round and slump.

It works well with any seat and is good for hard seats. So if you have a worn out office chair with flattened foams a BackJoy is going make a big difference to your sitting comfort. And as it only costs $40 it makes so much more sense than buying another crappy chair.

Let's recap on what we've covered here:

  • Cheap office chairs for a $100 or less lack the features to provide lasting comfort
  • Cheap chairs conceal low quality components which quickly wear out
  • To get a proper office chair you need to spend upwards of $350
  • It far better to save for a quality replacement chair instead of buying another bad chair
  • A BackJoy cradle is an affordable solution when you're stuck with an uncomfortable chair

Here's where you can find out more about the BackJoy and read what users are saying about it. And if you do decide to replace your chair here's a summary of some quality office chairs worth investigating further.


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3 Responses to “Looking For A Cheap Office Chair? The Skootch Factor”

  1. Love the idea of the BackJoy. I used to get a really sore tailbone from slumping in my last cheap office chair. This product looks like it would resolve that problem.


  2. […] Duncan MacIntyre has a passion for discussing the finer points of the office chair industry’s most ergonomic designs. But he also knows that not everyone can rush out and purchase a $1000 office chair at the drop of a hat. Some of us have to struggle along with a cheap chair for a little while longer to save up the cash to buy the seating of our dreams. Others don’t have any say over what chair they use since it’s provided by an employer. So, he’s sharing one way to ease the pain of sitting in an inadequate chair for just a little longer: purchasing a BackJoy orthotic cradle. The flexible foam seat pad fits your existing office chair and prompts you to sit in the correct position by cradling your pelvis at just the right angle. His description for how to use it (including the “skootch” move) is hilarious and dead accurate. You can read the review here. […]

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