Is Your Office Chair The Focal Point Of Your Work Area?

Your office chair is the key component of your work area set up. Everything you do flows from its relationship with the other key element which is you workstation or desk.

First, make sure you have your chair comfortably adjusted and positioned with your desk so you have a good upright posture and aren't leaning or lurching at an unnatural angle.

Next, you need to take into account the 3 elements involving the equipment and items you use when working, these are:

  • Primary Work Zone
  • Secondary Work Zone
  • Rarely Used Items

Let's take a look at each in some more detail.

Primary Work Zone

Imagine sitting in your computer chair with an arc immediately in front of you with a radius of about 12 inches (30 cms) from where you are sitting at your desk, this is your primary work zone.

It should include things you use often or for extended periods during the working day, so it will likely be your keyboard and mouse, pens etc. Arrange them so you can easily reach them.

Secondary Work Zone

This covers a larger area immediately beyond the primary zone extending the arc to about 20 inches (50 cms).

Items in this area should be things you will need occasionally and so may include items like your phone, copy holders, paperwork you plan to work with at some point during the day. Although having less frequent use they can still be reached reasonably easily.

Rarely Used Things

Anything you rarely use can be placed outside the primary and secondary areas. If you have a large desk it could be items like filing trays or maybe a desktop scanner.

Putting It All Together

For the next couple of days make a conscious effort to keep a close check on what you are and aren't using when working. Note them down and sort them into the categories covered above and then start re-arranging things so the most often used items are nearest to hand.

You'll find this will help you work a lot more efficiently in your desk chair and by minimizing stretching and reaching for things you use frequently working comfort will likely improve too.


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