When Would You Use A Saddle Seat In The Office?

Humanscale Freedom Saddle Chair

The idea of an office saddle seat is something that has been around for many years.

Even so, it is relatively unusual to find one in use in most offices.

Nonetheless in the right circumstances it makes an excellent choice of seat instead of a traditional office chair.

Let’s begin by looking at the concept.

What exactly is a saddle chair?
As the name suggests the actual seat pad is shaped much like a horse’s saddle.

And just as when sitting on a horse it places your legs in a wider more open position.

It encourages your torso to adopt a much healthier sitting posture as it open up the angle between legs and back. Not only that it feels a very stable way of working due to the wider distance between your feet. Together with the upright seat support this forms a balanced way of sitting.

Generally speaking most of these sorts of seat still retain the usual gas lift and wheeled base and these help to make very versatile for certain situations.

Who can benefit from using one?
Anyone who moves around their workspace a lot will likely find the saddle concept very useful. It’s far quicker and easier to move around compared to a swivel chair. This is down to the way you use your feet to move it.

These seats are popular with designers and architects who frequently need to move from a desk to a layout table to work on plans and drawings.

Another way they work well is for people who work at higher work surfaces. The ever increasing popularity of movable height desks
make a saddle chair a popular choice.

They also work well for medical professionals. Dentists, surgeons and sports masseurs find this way of sitting makes their work a lot easier.

Where to find more information
Here's where you can read more about the saddle seat way of sitting and reviews of two popular products.

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