Is A Mesh Chair Right For You? Video


In the short video below we're going to look at whether a mesh office chair is the right chair for you.

When did mesh chairs first appear?
Mesh office chairs really all began with the Aeron back in 1994 and it's still the 800lb gorilla of mesh office seating. Its open weave upholstery called the pellicle created an alternative type of seat covering. It allows excellent air circulation around the body and works well for people who sweat a lot. However it's not for everyone.

When can mesh chairs cause problems?
Many mesh office chairs including the Aeron are a lot firmer to sit on. So if you've got used to a well padded seat changing to mesh might cause you discomfort.

Light framed users often find this because they have less flesh on their bodies. They sometimes find they miss foam padding which used to form a cushioning barrier between their bottom and seat. For most people this shouldn't be a problem as long as you are aware it's likely to be a firmer sit.

Why are mesh chairs so popular?
As soon as the Aeron took off seating manufacturers rushed to create their own me too versions. Whilst some of these seats are very good the bulk of them are best avoided. The mesh doesn't support you properly even though it allows air to circulate.

Which are the best mesh office chairs?
With so many different mesh chairs to choose from these days it's difficult to make a finite choice. Obviously the Aeron has to be on your shortlist and provided you're happy you can handle its firmer sitting posture it should work well for you.

However if this is a problem there are a couple of hybrid mesh chairs worth looking at. Both have lightly padded seats and top quality form sensing mesh backs for great support. First there is the Liberty chair a very elegant looking chair which will support you comfortably for hours. Then there is the more recently introduced Diffrient World chair. This was named after its designer Neils Diffrient who designed both of these chairs. There is also an all mesh version of the Diffrient World too.

As you can see from the photos there is an absence of the usual levers and knobs on these chairs as they are both self-adjusting. Apart from seat and arm height you just sit and let the chairs do the support work. And the 3D mesh moulds to your body supporting it comfortably.

If you are on a tight budget Balt's Ergo Ex Ergonomic Mesh Chair is well with considering. It is highly adjustable and comes with a padded seat.

So let's summarize:

  • Mesh chairs all began with Herman Miller's Aeron
  • Bear in mind mesh seats are a firmer sit and so aren't suitable for everyone
  • Mesh chairs allow excellent air circulation which is great if you tend to sweat
  • Modern hybrids like the Liberty and Diffrient World offer all day comfort and if you are on a tight budget Balt's Ergo Ex is definitely worth a look.

Further information
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