If Ferrari Made Office Chairs What Would They Look Like?

Xten Chair

Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina

Although this might sound like an odd question it’s actually one there is a plausible answer for.

And the reason is Pininfarina, the esteemed Italian design firm responsible for some of those beautiful shapes you see in Ferrari and Maserati autos, has turned its hand to office chair design.

It has produced the Xten ergonomic office chair investing some $1.5 million in the process and the result is a truly beautiful looking chair.

However its beauty is definitely not just skin deep, and it’s clear a great deal of attention and design input has gone into creating the Xten.

The seat utilizes Dynatec fabric used by Olympic athletes, it is durable and comfortable and is particularly good at keeping users cool as it pulls moisture away from the body.

The seat pad incorporates Technogel® to even weight distribution and so relieving pressure points when sitting.

The chair’s Armtronic® system gives very precise arm level adjustment and this is controlled by a sophisticated gas piston simply operated by a push button control under the arm.

Xten also has all the other adjustments you would expect on a top end ergonomic chair including seat depth, height and tension control, and the advanced synchronized tilting that reclines the chair to match the way the human back works. It also has a built in height adjustable headrest and an 8 step locking recliner.

Clearly a chair built to this standard is never going to be cheap, although at a current net selling price of $1695 it’s not hugely more expensive than some other top end chairs.

You can find further details on the Xten at www.Xtenchair.com


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3 Responses to “If Ferrari Made Office Chairs What Would They Look Like?”

  1. Good post, its very interesting

  2. If Ferrari made office chairs so, office chairs look like monster and with rocket booster. Great post !!

  3. Nice post. The office chairs would no doubt be top quality and also very expensive!

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