How Long Should An Office Chair Last?

People will often ask how long should an office chair last and it's a good question. Many seem to think the answer is forever as they continue to sit in a chair which should have been dumped years ago.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to the likely lifetime of an office seat it depends on many factors including:

  • The construction quality of the chair
  • The amount of hammer it gets each day
  • The chair's age – how long you have had it
  • How well it has been cared for
  • The warranty period offered by the manufacturer


All these factors will have a bearing on the life expectancy of your chair.

A Simple Rule For Estimating The Life Of An Office Chair

If you are buying new there is a very good indicator you can use to calculate the life of your proposed new purchase.

Take a look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer, how long is it prepared to guarantee it for? This will tell you how long it has been designed to last as a minimum because no chair maker is going to give a longer warranty period than what it feels is the life expectancy of its product.

Chair warranty periods vary hugely, starting with nothing (apart from legal requirements) to 12 years and more. So if you buy a chair which is only covered by 12 months warranty don't bank on it lasting you very long.

You can often discover it is a false economy buying cheap chairs which need replacing every 2 years, it makes more sense to choose something with a minimum of 5 years warranty.

After all you generally get what you pay for and office chairs are no exception. Even so, their users often try to defy this by sitting day after day busting their back in some clapped out seat with loads of defects like:

  • Faulty gas lifts
  • Broken arms
  • Torn or threadbare upholstery
  • Flattened seat foams


Why inflict these shortcomings on your body? If your chair is worn out, bite the bullet and replace it with something better you'll be glad you did. Here is a quick overview of office chairs worth considering and a simple guide to help you select the right chair.


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2 Responses to “How Long Should An Office Chair Last?”

  1. In the resource pages of Healthy Workstations website there is a chair MOT. This has been really helpful in checking our office chairs and highlighting areas that may be worn or wearing.
    You can find it here –

  2. Thanks for this Kieron, I agree an annual check on these points is a good idea.

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