How Do The Herman Miller Sayl And It’s Aeron Chair Compare?

With all the thousands of different office chairs on the market today things can get confusing for people. Even a single manufacturer like Herman Miller has dozens of different seating products. Today we're going to consider just two of them the relatively new Sayl chair and the long established Aeron made famous during the dot com boom.

Let's begin by taking a quick look at some of the key points of the two chairs.


Aeron Loaded Chair

First launched in 1994, initially the market was a little unsure about the Aeron. Nonetheless Miller decided to stick with it and it proved to be a wise decision as it has gone on to to sell more than a million of them worldwide.

It's probably responsible for the launch of more competing products as chair makers scrambled to launch their mesh versions of its pellicle upholstery. The chair has a huge range of adjustments, so if you like tweaking with levers you can fine tune everything to your heart's content.

Instantly recognizable, it's a solid built workhorse of a chair.

So, what about the Sayl?

Sayl is a relative newcomer appearing only in the past couple of years.

Sayl Chair With Arms

It has capitalized on the benefit of new materials making good use of specialist plastics and polymers. Its open mesh back with its Y shaped central back support gives it a striking appearance helping it stand out from the crowd.

With advances in modern materials it has meant the Sayl is a much lighter chair than the Aeron with plastics replacing metal. And also simpler to adjust thanks to components like the open polymer mesh back which doesn't need a separate lumbar support.

In terms of quality both seats carry Herman Miller's 12 year 24/7 warranty, so clearly each is man enough to perform in any office environment for many years.

Which should you choose?
Both chairs have their advantages and disadvantages.

If status is important to you then perhaps the Aeron has the edge. Although with that said the Sayl is also a highly distinctive looking chair.

If you're looking for good all round air circulation to combat sweating in your office chair the Aeron is the better bet as both seat and back are mesh. On the Sayl the back is open of course, however the seat is padded and finished in fabric.

For those who like a softer sit the Sayl with its padded seat will make more sense. And of course where you budget is tight the Sayl will definitely appeal as it costs 36.5% less than the Aeron.

Further information
So there you have a quick look at how the two chairs compare. To find out more about each here's where you can read full reviews of the Sayl and Aeron chairs.

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  1. This is a great review. Choosing which office chair is as difficult as choosing leather lounges for the office. Nevertheless, it is important to choose those that has a lot of safety features such as great back and neck support.

  2. Great post.People generally over look the vital things while buying office chair due to which back pain is developed while working for longer hours.But there is alternative like kneeling chairs etc

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