Home Office Chair Selection: Making the Right Choice

Do you spend several hours each day working at home in your office, or maybe work full time from home? If this is you then you need to be much more selective in the chair you use, because you don't want to end up with something which cripples you every time you sit in it.

Selecting the best home office chair depends on how much you use it. If it's just for occasional light use, say an hour or so a day then what you buy isn't too critical.

For people who spend significant amounts of time sitting at a computer their chair needs to be seen as a serious work tool, after all you wouldn't try to cook a gourmet meal for 12 on a disposable barbeque would you?

And it's no different with a chair, those long hours you spend sitting each day take a toll on your body and so it's vital you select a quality chair capable of giving you maximum comfort and support, especially when you have been sitting for many hours.

In the next post on selecting a home office chair I'll take a look at the kind of budget you will need to allow for to get a properly featured chair.


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