New Knoll Inc Report Shows Generation Y Vulnerable To Ergonomic Injury

A new report from Knoll Inc – New Workplace Ergonomics Research, Emerging Risks And Solutions reveals that even Generation Y workers are susceptible to ergonomic injury.

When you consider that a Generation Y worker is probably 30 years old or under that’s a pretty worrying thought.

And yet it’s perhaps not so surprising. Two previous studies also by Knoll found this generation spends some 7.5 hours a day using electronic devices. Such extensive use of these devices must impinge on individuals health in the longer term, whatever their age.

A separate university study of students found that by 2008 over 50% of surveyed participants encountered pain they felt was the result of computer use. The study concluded that many showed the potential to enter the workplace with an existing upper body injury.

The proliferation of larger and frequently multiple monitor use was highlighted as a worrying trend in terms of user health.

Combating the problems
The report highlights the need for properly set up work areas. In the case of multiple monitors the use of monitor arms will make a big difference in the ability to fine tune screen positions for individual user comfort.

Seating needs to be designed to support user’s posture changes. And standing to work for part of the day helps because it places a lot less strain on the spine.

Training in how to work more healthily will help to make staff more aware of the issues and how to tackle them.

It’s also recommended organizations should have areas where more casual lounge style furniture is available.

More information
Here’s where you can find Knoll’s latest Generation Y report. And here’s where you can find other interesting research articles and reports from Knoll Inc.

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