An Ergonomic Office Chair Offers Great Benefits: How Do You Find One?

Got A "Mike Tyson" Chair?

Do you ever feel like sitting in your office chair all day is like climbing into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson?

It buffets you from pillar to post, inflicting pain on your body. No matter what you do, the longer you're in it the more it hurts.

Until by the end of the day your dying for the bell to end the final round so you can get out of it and head off home.

Maybe it's time you went out and got an ergonomic office chair.

What exactly is an ergonomic office chair?
This is actually quite a difficult question to answer. Truthfully an ergonomic office chair has no proper definition and so is actually meaningless when describing any chair. If this wasn't bad enough, there is no government or industry standard to describe such a chair.

Consequently you have to be very careful when attempting to buy one to make sure you don't get stitched up.

How can you be misled when buying a chair described as ergonomic?
All too easily I'm afraid. Because there is no proper definition it means that suppliers can use the term to describe just about anything that has a seat, back and swivel base.

You see this all the time in discount warehouses, cheap shoddy chairs with little more than bamboo springs bearing the epithet ‘ergonomic' which magically transforms a piece of junk into something apparently worth owning.

I don't think so. So, just because it says ergonomic on the wrapper guarantees nothing. Great! How do I sift the wheat from the chaff?

Solving the ergonomic chair dilemma
Let's begin by giving the term ergonomic office chair some kind of definition. Here's how I would describe such a seat.

“An ergonomic office chair is an office chair that has been carefully designed for the user to be able to work productively, efficiently and safely as well as minimizing any feeling of fatigue or discomfort.”

OK why don't we take things a stage further and consider the actual functions such a chair needs. I believe there are 5 essential functions our chair needs to be truly worthy of the title ergonomic. Here they are:

  • Adjustable seat depth for optimal leg comfort
  • Adjustable back height to allow the lower back to be correctly supported
  • Adjustable Arm Height for ease of movement and minimize the risk of RSI
  • Pneumatic height adjustment to suit your body height and weight
  • Adjustable tilt tension allowing each individual user to set the correct pressure

Some high-end chairs actually automate back and tension adjustments, making it even easier to set up to your personal needs. And bear in, you are going to need to invest $300+ if you want of get all the advantages that an ergonomic office chair offers.

What benefits will you gain by selecting the right chair?
You will find is very easy to adjust the settings for the way you like to work. Once correctly configured you'll notice as you move, the chair moves with you to safely and comfortably support you at all times.

You will be less aware of the chair due to its superior comfort and so find you can concentrate throughout your day's work. This results in much better productivity and focus on your work.

Because the chair is designed to give you proper support, muscles don't tire nearly as quickly. This also improves blood flow helping to keep you feeling much more alert and fresh even when tackling complex problems.

You'll know when you have everything set up to match with your body because the chair will feel like it fits like a glove. And insisting on the 5 essential functions will greatly increase your chances of doing so and avoiding the wrong chair.

Making sure you don't end up with the wrong product
Let's quickly summarize the points I've covered so you don't get landed with a liability but instead find a chair that will serve you for many years to come.

Remember there is no official description of an ergonomic office chair, so maintain a healthy skepticism about any products labeled ergonomic, especially cheap chairs.

Use my definition to point you in the right direction.

Insist on getting the 5 essential functions on any chair you buy.

Remember the benefits you will gain by picking a proper ergonomic office seat and realize you need to make an investment to get the right product.

By applying these guidelines you will give yourself a great chance of finding the right chair. After all, you surely don't want another of those Mike Tyson chairs do you?

Here's a summary of some excellent ergonomic office chairs which have been carefully designed to give you great working comfort for those long hours in the office.


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