Choosing Meeting Chairs – 4

In this post on our series on meeting chairs it’s time to take a look at what's likely to be important to you about your meeting seating, chances are you'll want to consider some or all of the following points.


So how important is the appearance of your meeting seating, are you wanting to impress important visitors with your seating?

Conversely, are you concerned that expensive seating might give the impression that you are making a lot of money from your clients?

Do you want to make a statement with your seating by choosing a bold fabric or do you prefer to select something tasteful but safe?

Try and work out what influences, if any the appearance of your seating will have.


How important is comfort to you, for long meetings it could be a key factor. However, you may want to avoid ultra comfortable seating in case people start nodding off during those long PowerPoint presentations!

It may well be best to go for something reasonably comfortable, rather than some super padded, sleep inducing chair.


Durability will likely be important to you if you intend that your meeting chairs should last for more than 5 years.

Also, if they are likely to be moved around a lot, you'll want something that can stand up to this kind of use.

Maybe they're going to be used in a training room where the users may misuse them, like leaning back on chair legs in which case a stoutly made chair will be advisable.


In certain circumstances practicality will be important. If you are short of space and need to use stacking chairs, ease of handling could well be important. Things like size, weight, ease and height of stacking will need to be looked at.

Large bulky seating can present problems for cleaning staff, if they need to move them. It may well be better to consider reasonably portable chairs if frequent cleaning is important.

If seating layouts need to be changed regularly, it might be worth looking at chairs with castors.

So, to summarize you'll need to consider a number of issues that are important for you and one or more of the above points should help you to find what's critical for your business.

In the final post we'll look at the available types of meeting seating and which each type is best suited for.


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