Choosing Meeting Chairs – 3

It's time to consider what influences the actual meeting attendees will have, if any on your choice of meeting chair.

Probably the commonest type of meeting will be those held with your own staff and colleagues. For these meetings you may very well be able to opt for a cheaper more basic type of chair.

Your choice could also be swayed by where they work, if it's a messy environment it might be more practical to choice a plastic or vinyl faced seat to make the chairs easier to clean.

For visitors, a lot will depend on where and how you choose to meet with them. This can vary from your reception lobby area to interview rooms or even a dedicated meeting room. Do you prefer formal meetings or would you rather have a more casual and open arrangement?

Depending on what you preference for meeting with visitors is will significantly affect your choice of seating.

For board meetings you'll likely want a more prestigious and comfortable type of chair, possibly in leather or a high quality fabric. Certain types of swivel chair make very good meeting chairs, particularly meetings that are likely to last for some time.

Chairs for interviews are likely to be something fairly formal, with reasonable comfort and that looks the part. Although, you're looking to be impressed by an interviewee, it's also important that they gain a good impression of you and your business. Good people are hard enough to find without putting them off by seating them in inappropriate chairs.

In the next post we'll at what you rate as the most important points about your meeting chairs.


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