Choosing Meeting Chairs – 2

In the first post on choosing meeting chairs, we took an overview of the points you need to consider to ensure you get things right.

So let's take a closer look at the first of our considerations.

What sort of meetings will the seating be used for?

What's the likely duration of your meetings, do you generally get through things in under 30 minutes, or do they tend to run for longer?

For short meetings comfort probably won't be an important issue, but it very likely will be for longer meetings.

Do your meetings tend to be very formal affairs, or are you more laid back in your approach to the way you conduct meetings? This could well influence the type of seating you go for, after all you won't want to go for easy seating if you favor a formal approach.

Lastly, do your meetings tend to be predominantly for small or large groups of people? If you meet in large groups then the size of seat could well be important and depending on available space you may need to go for say a smaller stacking chairs to accommodate everyone.

It's no good finding out that the chairs won't fit your room or meeting tables after you've bought them, especially as suppliers are usually reluctant to take seating back if they had it made for your order and didn't supply from their stock.

In the next post will look at the influence that meeting participants may have on your choice of meeting chair.


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