Laptops Are Great – BUT!

Laptops are great, they allow you to take your business wherever you need to go and work on the fly. However, despite the obvious benefits they actually have some serious drawbacks too.

When you have a mountain of work to complete a laptop or sub notebook can put your comfort and posture at a distinct disadvantage over working at a conventional PC.

For starters, sitting on a sofa or bar stool will soon cause you comfort issues, you need to be seated in an office chair.

Next, the built in mouse is totally inadequate for repeated mouse use, you need to get an external mouse.

Take time to learn any keyboard shortcuts because they're a lot quicker and less stressful than using a mouse.

When you're sitting in an office chair working on a laptop the screen is invariably too low and so you tend to bend your neck downwards to read the screen and it's also likely that you will arch your back at the same time, the end result will be pain and discomfort.

Fortunately, there are specialist laptop holders to address this problem and raise the screen up, depending on the design it may be necessary to use anexternal keyboard too. This actually makes it a lot easier to type because you're not stymied by a compressed keyboard layout.

So, to conclude when you're using your laptop for serious work make sure you're using a good office chair and look into investing in an external mouse and keyboard and maybe even a specialist laptop holder too.


New Area Added To Officechairadvice.Com Main Site

I have just added a new area to the main site covering office accessories having a close link with the way people use office chairs.

You can find details on a wide range of often underutilized handy aids like office chair mats, footrests, back and wrist supports, monitor arms and glare filters and desk accessories such as copy holders and keyboard trays.

People working long hours at computer workstations will find these accessories will help increase their work rate and enhance their overall working comfort.

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