Buying A New Office Chair? Beware Of The Lure Of Decimal Point Syndrome

If you're thinking of buying a new office chair then you need to apply some thought to the process rather than just rushing out and buying some close out offer.

When you spend long hours sitting at a computer all day you absolutely have to make sure what you are sitting in is fit for purpose.

So the first thing you have to realize is that $50 won't hack it, I call this approach Decimal Point Syndrome because in truth you need to move the decimal point one place to the right and be thinking about investing more like $500.

Sorry if that's a bit of a shock, nonetheless it's reality. After all, when you consider you will probably be spending as much if not more time in a desk chair than you do in your bed it starts to make sense.

Seriously, I'm sure you wouldn't think about only spending $50 on a bed, unless you relish the thought of lying on a bag of springs stuffed with packing foam.

It's no different with an office chair, it simply isn't possible to get any level of quality for even a $100, at this price point every component in the chair will be cut back in quality to meet the price.

Why is it people keep buying these sub-standard products? I believe there are a number of reasons.

First, big name office product retailers are constantly promoting these types of chairs competing with each other to be the cheapest. And so without realizing it you become conditioned into thinking this is what you should be spending on a computer chair.

Second, these products often look good, frequently upholstered in leather which somehow seems to convince people it's a quality product, when in fact it's anything but.

Lastly, people don't very often get the chance to see and try a quality office chair in the flesh unless you go to a specialist supplier and they aren't exactly on every street corner. Consequently, you rarely get the chance to compare the good with the bad.

This is unfortunate as the difference in quality and comfort would soon become apparent.

A good quality chair needs to have certain critical features, I've distilled these down to 5 key essentials you must insist on when buying a new office chair. Here's a quick summary of ergonomic chairs worth checking out.


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