A Footrest Can Offer Welcome Support For Tired Feet And Legs

Although footrests are most commonly thought of as something for the smaller built person to use, they actually work well for any office worker suffering from tired feet and legs because they provide a welcome angled surface to rest our feet on.

This can often help to take pressure off the underside of the thighs so often a source of muscle pain brought on by the pressure of sitting long hours in an office chair.

Some of the better models have roller bearings to let you move your feet on the angled foot support more easily to encourage circulation and a few even include built in massage balls so you can massage your feet as you work if you are daring enough to work without shoes on.

Some are critical of footrests and say they get in the way when moving position while working at your desk, an ideal solution to this is the revolutionary Webbleâ„¢ which is highly portable and can be quickly shunted to one side with your feet if needs be.

Find out more by taking a quick look at some of the different models of footrest here.


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